A new Travelodge for Leighton Buzzard

An exciting addition to Leighton Buzzard town centre, creating new jobs and £1.8m for the local economy

Burney Group is pleased to present its proposals for a new 75-bed, 3-storey Travelodge hotel, with associated access and parking, at land to the rear of Leighton Buzzard Post Office, Church Square, LU7 1AA. The proposals will see a major global brand invest in Leighton Buzzard, with the current disused site redeveloped to deliver an attractive building that provides affordable hotel accommodation in a key town centre location. Alongside the new hotel, the proposals include vibrant green landscaping around the site and the retention of the existing Post Office.

Ahead of submitting a Planning Application to Central Bedfordshire Council, we are committed to engaging with the local community. On this consultation website, you will find our plans as well as details on how to provide your feedback. Alongside this, we held an online webinar on Monday 16th January, where people had the opportunity to hear from the project team and ask any questions they had. A recording of our webinar can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Our Proposals

A new 75 room Travelodge hotel

Attracting £1.8million est. of investment to local businesses

High-quality design inspired by local architecture

The creation of 14 new jobs

Regeneration of a disused brownfield site

A well-respected global brand and responsible employer

Attractive landscaping that complements the surrounding area

A key town centre location

A design that respects the character of Leighton Buzzard

The land was previously owned by the Post Office and consists of a disused sorting office and industrial sheds. The proposals seek to regenerate this town centre site and provide a suitable and appropriate use. Alongside this, the Post Office will be retained at the front of the site.

The proposals place an emphasis on creating a new building that takes inspiration from the surrounding buildings in its design. The new hotel will be made up of a variety of brick types and finishes and will be sectioned off into separate blocks of varying height and widths to ensure the design respects and complements the narrow style of buildings that surround the site.

A significant contribution to the local economy

A new Travelodge will deliver clear economic advantages for Leighton Buzzard town centre. The hotel will attract people to the town centre on business and leisure trips and generate additional expenditure within the centre. Since no bar or restaurant facilities are proposed, guests will use the other town centre facilities.

A significant number of guests will visit the area, contributing to its economic prosperity. Travelodge estimate a total expenditure of around £1.8million per year by its guests, which would likely be spent in the shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities in the local area.

The hotel will also provide new local employment, with approximately 14 new jobs for local people. Travelodge directly employs all its staff and is a National Living Wage employer. Subject to planning permission being granted, Travelodge will take an extended lease on the hotel, meaning that the future of the site, and the economic benefits it brings, will be secured for the long term.

Below are a selection of images showing how the proposed hotel will look

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Monday 16th January  
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